Who We Are

JVWebsites.com is our portal website for Leasing or Joint Venture of our Domains and Websites!.

Our First Venture...

We purchased our first domain in 1995 and we continue to acquire new domains weekly!

Welcome to Our Joint-Venture Website!

We have over 460 Domains available for Sale, Lease or Joint Venture

Our Featured URL's

Solitaire Diamonds

Dominate the world-wide mobile diamond engagement business with this package.

Money Sanitizer

This group of five domains can lead the extremely needed sanitizer field.

GPS Protector

GPS and personal family protection makes this a red-hot domain package.

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Latest Events

1May, 2017

New single domain and packages added daily
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12June, 2016

All new website design
JVWebsites.com to offer leasing and Joint Venture of our domains and websites!

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